Making It Better

“You still mess me up after all this time, Luc.”
“Not my problem.”

Court’s forceful brand of dominance pushes Lucan’s buttons like nothing else, but he can’t forget how badly Court hurt him in the past. Their romance six years ago was heady, intense, and sizzling—and left Lucan with deep emotional scars. When he runs into Court at a fetish party, the spark is still there. But so is the pain.

For Court, Lucan is the mindfuck he never got over. He still doesn’t know why Lucan ended things, and when he sees Lucan in the flesh again, the desperate need to dominate comes rushing back. Court would do anything to have a second chance, but he won’t let Lucan mess with his head and break his heart again. Or so he tells himself.

“I’ll do it all right for you this time if you just teach me.”

When Lucan agrees to show Court how to be a good Dom, the two headstrong men toe a delicate line between restraint and uncontrolled passion. Will the same sick love that consumed their past destroy their future?

Making It Better is a standalone novel with an HEA ending.

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WORD COUNT: 60,000
 M/M Contemporary BDSM Romance
TROPES: Enemies to Lovers, Second Chance

Escorting the Escort

Eden is a high-end escort who never has sex off the job. But that changes when he meets Greer, his scrappy, tatted-up new driver whose harsh exterior hides a tender heart. Greer’s naked honesty and instant, obvious crush on Eden spur Eden to have a little fun playing with him, but quicker than either of them expected, that play turns into something real.

One-sided sexual encounters are no big deal to Eden. But Greer demands more: he wants to bring Eden true pleasure. For Eden, who has only been attracted to one man he never got to touch, this feels impossible. He’s trained himself to get hard during appointments, but what if he can’t with Greer?

Greer, who isn’t out as bisexual to his friends, is used to one-night stands via hookup apps. But Eden is something special. Greer is willing to do whatever it takes for the chance to get Eden off—and make him happy.

This title was previously published under the pen name Lyssa Dering. As of March 2019, an epilogue has been added.

WORD COUNT: 22,000
GENRE: M/M Contemporary Romance
TROPES: Bodyguard/Charge, Out For You, Sex Worker Hero

Loving the Bogeyman

My best friend promised me an amazing afterlife.

A place where specials like him and me could finally be free from the government and their barbaric brain surgeries.

But now that I’m dead, shivering and alone in a rain-soaked alleyway, I’m not sure Wish was telling the truth.

Predators lurk in the shadows of this eerie neon city, my power doesn’t work anymore, and there’s a man I’ve never met running things.

He’s gorgeous, in a creepy kind of way, but he’s taken me prisoner in his house, where hints of Wish are everywhere.

I think he’s trying to send me a message…

This monster, Fiend, wants to keep me as his plaything, and I love the way he makes me feel.

I might even love him.

But I won’t be anyone’s prisoner.

I have to get free.

Loving the Bogeyman is a gay horror romance with an HEA ending. It was previously published under the title How to Love a Monster and has been freshly copyedited, but the story is the same.

WARNING: Heed content warnings.

WORD COUNT: 50,000
 M/M Dark Fantasy BDSM Romance
TROPES: Enemies to Lovers, Dubious Consent