Recommended M/M Romance Reads January–March 2019

I’m an author and an editor, but I’m a reader first. Here are a few of the M/M romance books I read and loved in January, February, and March of 2019.

Omega Released by Tanya Chris

Why I Loved It: I’m a huge fan of A/B/O, and Tanya Chris delivers it without Mpreg, which is refreshing these days. I’ve read the other books in this series and loved them, and this book was no exception for me. It was interesting to read about two adorable omegas together, and the slightly more dominant of the omegas had me seriously swooning (though they switch roles in the story). Lots of fun and sexy heat action in this one, and I personally LOVE a good heat trope!

About Omega Released

Growing up in the Hinterlands hasn’t prepared Benjy for life in North Leland where the alphas grow to an alarming size and he’s expected to get a job. He’s never been farther than running distance from his den until the morning his father drops him off in the city to be claimed by the first alpha who‘ll have him. Of all the things Benjy isn’t prepared for, finding his own mate is at the top of the list.

Fortunately, JT has all that covered—a bed to sleep in, a job at the library he’s in the process of opening, even matchmaking services. There might be wolves in North Leland who disapprove of JT’s wild omega ways, but he knows all the hottest alphas and he for sure knows how to take care of himself. He can take care of Benjy too, even when Benjy goes into his first heat. But could any of North Leland’s alphas really be good enough for his precious potato?

As the library takes shape, Benjy makes friends and settles into life in North Leland, but he’s not getting any closer to picking out an alpha. Why would he want to when JT gives him everything he needs, including a very special sort of knot? But it takes an inconveniently timed heat and a predatory alpha to make Benjy realize who he really wants for a mate.

Omega Released is a sexy omega/omega love story. Please note that this is not an MPREG universe. No MPREG occurs in this story or any Omega Reimagined stories.

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

The Freshman by Louise Collins

Why I Loved It: I am a sucker for dark romances, especially when they involve a dominant hero that I’m also terrified of. Louise Collins is skilled at bringing the darkness and the sweetness, and I was riveted from start to finish with this story. I only wish I could have had more time with these two.

About The Freshman

Nate Mathews is a murderer. Alfie doesn’t know the details of his crime, and he doesn’t want to. All he knows is Nate Mathews is evil, and his colleagues at Larkwood prison shudder at his name.

But Alfie has caught Nate’s eyes, and they start flirting in the early hours. It’s forbidden, terrifying, but arousing too. One whisper of ‘Freshman’ from Nate, and Alfie’s stomach flutters, and his pulse increases. Alfie knows if he reads Nate’s file his attraction to the criminal will turn to disgust, but he can’t bring himself to do it. He likes Nate. Nate makes him feel wanted, and that’s a first for Alfie.

Is Nate genuine? Or is Alfie destined for heartbreak?

Other great books by Louise Collins: The Psychopath, Adrenaline Jake

Erotic Robotic Companion 1 by Katie Lewis

Why I Loved It: Sometimes, you just want to read something short and sexy. This story fits the bill, and it’s unique, too. I loved the worldbuilding, the connection between the protagonists, and of course, the steam! This is an erotica story with an HFN, but I am assuming that the other stories in the series will follow the same couple. As a note, the central sex scene involves the main character and a certain very fun futuristic toy.

About Erotic Robotic Companion 1

Calix, a young engineer, has landed his dream job at Unity Tech. When the company's handsome owner, Mr. Orion, gives him a special assignment, Calix is awed by the man's presence and eager to please. But when he realizes his new duties involve a room full of futuristic sex toys, will Calix be able to stay removed, or will he lose himself in pleasure? More importantly, what does Mr. Orion want?

This futuristic, sci-fi romp is part of the Falling for Gravity series.

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK

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