Review: FORBIDDEN BLOOD (Ironwrought #1) by Anna Wineheart

About Forbidden Blood (Ironwrought #1) by Anna Wineheart

Genre: M/M Paranormal Romance
Heat Level: Medium-High

Since he killed a vampire eight months ago, Oriel has been on the run. The coven wants him dead, and the feds want his blood to eradicate the vampires. Exhausted, he sneaks into an obscure mansion, rummaging for food. What he doesn’t know: a vampire lives there.

Three centuries ago, a human lover betrayed Seb, selling him to the hunters for some quick gold. When his chef quits, Seb is left hanging… until he finds the thief in his garage. He captures Oriel, only to discover that Oriel needs protection. And the one thing Seb wants? A purpose to his life again.

Oriel sets one condition when Seb hires him: Seb cannot drink his blood. Except Oriel’s blood tempts him from a distance, tempts him in bed. If he tastes it, he’ll be addicted, completely dependent on Oriel. And the hotter Oriel kindles his desire, the harder it is for Seb to stay away.

Forbidden Blood is a standalone erotic gay romance novella. No cliffhangers, no cheating. But there definitely is a Happily Ever After.

My Review

My rating:

Oriel has been on the run due to his blood, which for reasons unknown the everyone makes every vampire wild with addiction within just thirty seconds of tasting it. As a result, he’s had to kill multiple vampires, and both the Vampire Coven and the human federal government (they want to use his blood to hurt vampires) are after him. Homeless and hungry, Oriel takes refuge in the garage of a mansion in Minnesota, only to learn the mansion belongs to centuries-old vampire Sebastian.

This is one of my favorite types of reads. Give me a submissive in need and a dominant caretaker, and I’m hooked. Though this was hurt/comfort with a bit of angst, it wasn’t too heavy and made for a nice read. The strong third act was riveting and had me reading late into the night.

My only gripe is that the characterization and sex scenes (though hot) didn’t have much depth to them. The relationship was fast-moving, and the connection didn’t feel very strong. But Seb and Oriel’s story ended on a satisfying HFN, with some open threads that I’m sure will carry over into future books.

I’d recommend Forbidden Blood to fans of vampire erotic romance who don’t mind suspending some disbelief for the sake of sweetness.

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About Anna Wineheart

Anna has been scribbling since she was fourteen. She has a soft spot for dorky guys who are perfect for each other, and she’s a huge fan of stories with drama, angst and bittersweet tension. And pretty words.

She is currently living on the west coast of the US with her husband. She also collects tiny glass globes and glass atlases, massive stacks of notebooks and paper, and is on a never-ending hunt for state quarters missing from her collection.

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