Review: MAX by Bey Deckard

About Max by Bey Deckard

Genre: M/M Contemporary Psychosexual Thriller
Heat Level: High

Fresh out of school, Dr. Crane takes on a new patient who both intrigues and unnerves him. Charming, manipulative, and amoral, Max has exactly the sort of mind Crane finds himself drawn to with fictional characters.

As Max weaves himself into Crane’s life, Crane realizes that while fiction might be safe, Max certainly is not.

When the professional line between them thins, who gets to define where one man ends and the other begins?

My Review

My rating:

Married and “straight” Dr. Crane is fresh out of school when he takes on Max, a psychopath, as a therapy patient. He’s immediately intrigued by him, and it’s not long before he’s leaping over every line to go “down the rabbit hole” with him. One sexual encounter leads to an entanglement that turns Crane’s life upside-down, threatening his marriage, his job, and his freedom.

I was blown away by this. There were two issues I had with it that prevented me from giving it a full five stars. For one, I am getting very tired of the “gay-for-you” trope and wished Deckard hadn’t included it here. In my opinion, it didn’t add anything to the story and could have been removed. For two, I had to suspend my disbelief a lot to accept the fact that a therapist would act as unprofessional as Crane did and so quickly. However, these two things didn’t tamper my enjoyment of the story. I was thoroughly entertained from beginning to end. Deckard’s talent is clear in the characterization of Max, who comes across as both delectably charming and a believable psychopath. I was in awe of the unreliable narration coupled with the intricacy of the plot. But my favorite thing of all was the ending. The whole time I was expecting something tragic, but the plot threads wrap up neatly and left me nothing but satisfied. Max and Crane get the ending I always hope for but never see. The transgressive nature of this book reminded me of Bret Easton Ellis’s Less Than Zero, but while it is disturbing, provocative, and a thriller, it is also a romance. I’ll definitely be reading more of Bey Deckard’s work.

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About Bey Deckard


Canadian indie author Bey Deckard wanted to be many things when he grew up: veterinarian, vampire, paleontologist, crane operator, sniper, ophthalmologist, brain surgeon, marine biologist, lawyer, forensic anthropologist, set designer, underwater archaeologist, mortician, rock star, philanthropist… but writer was not on the list. Artist wasn’t there either because he’d been drawing and painting since he was a tot and figured that made him one already.

Freelance graphic design paid the bills while Bey levelled up with a BFA in Art History (minor in Anthro). However, he landed in the tech world where the degree was worth FA, and stayed there for over a decade before leaving, thoroughly sick of working for The Man. That’s when the writing started, and Bey still can’t believe it wasn’t on that list above because he absolutely loves doing it and can’t really imagine doing anything else.

Bey’s books aren’t quite romance and aren’t quite erotica, and they jump from genre to genre, but they’re all character driven and he likes to think they’re interesting.

These days, if Bey’s not writing or working on graphics, you’ll find him posting pics of his best buddy and constant canine companion Murphy, cooking up some tasty vegetarian eats, hanging out on facebook, or sitting back to watch a movie with a drink (or many).

As a reader, Bey’s usual staples are biographical works, medical research papers, all sorts of history books (nautical, medieval, and medical being his favourites), science fiction, fantasy, horror, KGB/CIA thrillers, and graphic novels.

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