Review: PLEDGED by T.M. Chris

About Pledged by T.M. Chris

Genre: M/M BDSM Spanking Erotica
Heat Level: High

Pledging a fraternity is always a little nerve-wracking, but Blake’s racing pulse comes from more than a fear of rejection. He’s got one eye on Vadim, Delta Iota Kappa’s muscle-bound Chief Punishment Officer, and the other on that paddle. Pledging D.I.K. is going to be a whole lot more challenging, and exciting, than he ever anticipated.

Vadim’s been waiting three years for a little brother all his own, for someone to torment and humiliate, to initiate into all the pleasure, and all the pain, of belonging to their intimate fraternity for two.

This novella (approximately 20,000 words) features lots of spanking, a little humiliation, and a happy ending.

My Review

My rating:

Blake is a college student who learns he loves spanking and other types of pain play when he pledges D.I.K., a frat who uses paddles as part of their hazing. Most of the other guys aren’t really into it, so Blake counts himself lucky when he becomes the little brother of senior and sadist Vadim.

I absolutely loved this erotic novella. As a kinkster myself, it’s always refreshing to find kink in M/M that rings genuine. What the author got especially right was the emotional dynamic between the main characters. I found myself very connected to Blake and enamored with Vadim right along with him. Both characters felt like real people, and Vadim was the perfect combination of cruel, caring, and possessive. He’s the type of top most masochists would love to be with. The sex and kink scenes were scorching, with hot dialogue as well, and there was a lovely romantic element to the central relationship.

The only caveat I have with recommending this is that there was some on-screen homophobia and slurs from side characters. This served to make Vadim an even more likable and sexy love interest but did add a touch of uncomfortable angst for me as a queer person. Still, I very much enjoyed the story.

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About T. M. Chris

Tanya Michelle (T. M.) Chris writes fun M/M spanking smut stories that hit all the right bottoms. Er, buttons.

You can find Tanya’s more romantic, character-driven work under the author name Tanya Chris.

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