Review: TAKEN BOY by Loki Renard

About Taken Boy by Loki Renard

Genre: M/M Dark Erotic Romance
Heat Level: High

A Dark Gay Romance

Revenge has no happily ever after.

Bobby likes to think he’s the boss. A brutal twenty-two year old gangster prodigy with a vendetta against a heir to billions, he’s about to wipe his biggest enemy off the map. But Bobby’s been making some powerful enemies himself, and he just landed on the radar of a man it’s better not to know.

Angelo Vitali is the real deal, a dyed in the wool Sicilian who knows exactly how to deal with a wannabe mafioso. He’ll take Bobby, break Bobby – and love every minute of it.

TAKEN BOY is a very dark gay romance, and a parallel stand alone to events which take place in bestselling books Shamefully Broken, and Broken Boy.

My Review

My rating:

In Taken Boy, a young crime boss gets kidnapped by somebody much more experienced in the “life”–a hired gun, so to speak, who’s been tasked with taking over the young boss’s business to get him off the trail of a junkie.

As you can tell, the external plot is quite developed for a novella, but the story doesn’t focus on those events more than necessary. The real story is about what goes on between the young boss, Bobby, and his kidnapper, Angelo. Angelo is a fierce Dominant with a fondness for caning, and Bobby turns out to be a masochist, though the relationship between them is nonconsensual in the beginning. As the story progresses, the two form a bond. Loki Renard illustrates their connection expertly, all while delivering a delicious plot twist and a satisfying ending.

This story thoroughly entertained me. Plus, it was hot, emotional, and the perfect length. It was everything I love in a dark romance. I’d recommend it to fans of dubious consent M/M with a heavy dose of kink. (If you don’t like dubious consent in your M/M, though, steer clear!)

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About Loki Renard

USA Today Bestselling and #1 best-selling author in multiple Amazon categories, Loki Renard writes sizzling hot stories of dominance, submission and discipline.

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