Where to Find Your Next Edgy M/M Romance Read

Here at Lyss.Press, we celebrate the kinky and the trashy (I’m reclaiming that word for romance, and you can’t stop me!). There’s no shortage of kinky, trashy M/M books out there, but if you’ve got edgier tastes, it can be difficult to find your next great read. In my endless nights scouring the internet for the next perfect-for-me story to devour, I’ve found a few places that made it easier.

Here are my favorite places to find just what you’re looking for in the realm of M/M romance—and my tips for navigating them.


QueeromanceInk is a relatively new database of LGBTQIA+ romance and erotica titles. Authors pay to list their titles, and enough are participating at this point to make it completely worthwhile. There are many great features, but the best one is that you can search the database by a number of filters to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can go directly to the advanced Filter Search or narrow it down to a large category like M/M via the navigation menu. The site can be a little glitchy sometimes, but the team behind it is always improving it.

In addition to searching the database, you can also sign up as a reader and add books to Read, To Be Read, and Currently Reading lists, and you can favorite authors.

Here are some examples of filters you could use to find edgier content:

Tropes >

  • Mind Games

Tag >

  • what – sex – [insert fetish here]
    • Choices range from angry sex to watching porn and include lots of intense fetishes like dubious consent, humiliation, and rape play.
  • potential trigger – [insert trigger here]
  • what – concept – transgressive
  • what – emotion – angst
  • what – emotion – jealousy
  • who – description – sadist
  • who – occupation – slave

If you like your twisted content with a happy ending like I do, you can even specify that so there’s no question. And you can specify both Heat Levels and Romantic Content from 1 to 5.

Goodreads Group Bookshelves

Goodreads can be a vast wonderland of potential reads or a confusing quagmire of a bunch of books that aren’t quite right for you. When I first joined the site, I spent a lot of time on the Listopia book lists, but after a year or two of immersing myself in M/M, I realized that the lists tend to hold older and more mainstream titles at the top, and they don’t make it easy to find the titles you haven’t read yet or the little-known gems you haven’t yet discovered. (Plus, they are hard to find within Listopia. You generally have to search for the lists via Google, find them aggregated within a group, or stumble upon them on a book listing.)

One great place to look is on the bookshelves of relevant groups. The M/M Romance group bookshelf has a TON of tags to sort through. It’s not as easy to filter as QueeromanceInk, but it’s much bigger because no one has to pay to add their books, and new titles crop up on it all the time. A few relevant tags include sexcontent-[insert fetish here], theme-dark, and warning-extreme-taboo.

Another group bookshelf to check out is the one at Depraved Minds Club (DMC). This group is smaller and less active than M/M Romance, and the bookshelf reflects that, but its tags are more focused.

Facebook Groups

I’m trying to become a bigger fan of Facebook; it’s a struggle. But Facebook groups are a fantastic way to find people interested in all sorts of different subjects, and many pertain to M/M romance.

My favorite group is MM Taboo Book Lovers. The admins have fostered a wonderful, no-shame environment for discussing taboo and kinky M/M books, and they also have a filterable list where you can find your next read. Another one of my favorite groups is M/M Book Rec. You can write a post asking for specific recommendations, and many people in the group will comment. No guarantees on if the recs will work for you, but the group is quite responsive; it’s miles better than asking for recs on Twitter, for example.

Facebook also has several M/M-related promo groups. Yes, these are full of ad-type posts, many by bloggers, authors, and authors’ assistants, but they are moderated. And as an author, I can tell you when I post in these types of groups, I am looking for my ideal reader, so I only post what’s relevant to the group. You’ll be able to find newer releases here as people tend to promote those much more than their backlist titles.

Two great promo groups for edgier reads are: Dark, Twisted and Fantastic MM Gay Reads and M/M Domination Romance: For Readers Who Love A Hero With A Firm Hand.

I hope this post has helped you discover a new place to find that special reading experience.

If you’re interested in books I’d personally recommend (I tend to read the darker and/or kinkier stuff), check out the Reviews section.

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